Chief of Police
Todd M. Duplantis 873-6319
Secretary to the Police Chief
Donna Wedgeworth 873-6383
Professional Standards
Lieutenant Christina Farmer 873-6379
Field Services Division
CPT Duane Farmer 873-6304
Lieutenant Troy Voisin (Plt A) 873-6352
Lieutenant Lonnie Lusco (Plt B) 873-6353
Lieutenant Jude McElroy (Plt C) 873-6354
Lieutenant Dennis Boudreaux (Plt D) 873-6355
Administrative Services And Special Operations Division
Captain Milton Wolfe 873-6303
Investigative Services Bureau
Lieutenant Dana Coleman 873-6321
Training Officer
POFC Tim Lucas 872-4962
Public Integrity and Recruitment
POFC Terry Boquet 873-6307
Community Policing Division
Sergeant Sidera Adams 873-5101
Budget and Grants
Lieutenant Bobbie O'Bryan 873-6308
Houma Police Department
Phone Number 873-6306
Fax Number 872-4670
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