Requirements of Parade Permit for Parade Riders
Parade Rules for Float Riders
Houma Mardi Gras
  1. Float riders are required to be in full mask and costume during the entire parade.
  2. Riders should not move from their assigned positions except in case of an emergency. Riders found riding on the very top of their float will be removed from the parade by the police.
  3. Unless you're the King/Queen returning a toast, drinking should be held to a minimum on the floats, both before and during the parade.
  4. Both the floats and your costume are made of flammable materials as a safety precaution Please DO NOT Smoke while on board.
  5. Try to disregard abuses, verbal or otherwise from the crowd.
  6. Do your throwing when the parade is in progress. Throwing in the formation and disbanding areas is forbidden.
  7. Avoid throwing directly in front and back of the floats, aim at the back of the crowd. Do not throw to those near the bands, drill teams or horses. Throwing of obscene fruits, vegetables or seafood is prohibited.
  8. Riders should not add nails or other sharp objects to the float to hold throws. Do not throw objects which could harm the people below you.
  9. Glass containers of any type are not allowed in the floats.
  10. Float riders are not allowed to wear obscene articles of any type.
  11. Your permit does not allow you to throw boxes or plastic bags from the floats. All trash is to be removed from the floats prior to the parade or in the disbanding area.
  12. No trash is to be thrown on the streets at the formation area. A trash truck will be at the formation site and a glider dumpster will be at the disbanding area.
  13. Car pool as much as possible - vehicles in the formation area will be kept to a minimum.
  14. Float riders must be on your float one (1) hour prior to the start of the parade.
  15. No cars will be allowed in the loading area.
  16. Remember, no throwing is allowed until your float reaches the corner of Bayou Gardens Blvd. and West Park.
  17. Profane music will not be allowed, first offense - summons, second offense - arrest.
Parade Rules for Parade Viewers
Houma Mardi Gras

The Houma Police Department in trying to keep this a safe Mardi Gras season ask for the following rules to be followed by parade viewers:

  1. Parade viewers shall stay on the proper side of barricades, and when there are no barricades please stay at a safe distance from floats and parade marchers. We also ask parade viewers not to put their arms, hands, or legs through the barricades. Also no standing or sitting on the barricades.
  2. There shall be no silly string allowed within 300 feet of any parade route within the parish on any day a parade is scheduled.
  3. In order to provide safe viewing of parades it shall be unlawful for any person to hold a child or adult over the age of six (6) years in his arms or on his back or shoulders within ten (10) feet of a carnival float or other parade viewers.
  4. It is unlawful for any person to intentionally damage a parade float.
  5. Anyone caught throwing objects at float riders will be charged and arrested for battery.
  6. It shall be unlawful for any person who is not a member of a carnival organization or a contracted participant to follow a float or band during the course of the parade.
  7. It shall be unlawful for any person to use or possess any type of glass container within a distance of five hundred (500) feet of a carnival parade route, Two (2) hours prior, during, and one (1) hour following a carnival parade.
  8. Loud profane music will not be tolerated by police officers. 1st offense summons 2nd arrest.

We ask people to travel and walk in groups for safety. Also please don’t leave any valuables in vehicles, and if anyone sees anybody driving while intoxicated your asked to call Houma Police at 873-6373.


For more information, contact:
Chief of Police Dana T. Coleman
Houma Police Department
Public Information Officer
(985) 873-6308

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