Citizen Survey
The purpose of this survey is to obtain information concerning the public’s opinion of the Houma Police Department in order to measure our effectiveness and improve services offered by the Houma Police Department. We are requesting that you take a few minutes to answer these questions. We appreciate your effort to assist us.
Would you feel comfortable asking a Houma Police Officer a question or for assistance? Yes
Do you feel there is adequate police presence in your neighborhood?

Very adequate
Somewhat adequate
Not adequate
Do Houma Police Officers seem friendly and helpful? Very friendly
Somewhat friendly
Not friendly
Are you confident in the professional ability of your Police Department? Very confident
Somewhat confident
Not confident
What is your overall opinion about the Houma Police Department? Excellent
Above average
Below average
How do you feel about the safety and security of the City of Houma? Safe
Fairly safe
Not safe
No opinion
How often do you see Houma Police Officers in your neighborhood? Generally not seen
1 to 3 times per week
4 to 10 times per week
Over 10 times per week
Please offer any suggestions you think would better enable the Houma Police Department to serve you.


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