Police Motorcycle Operators Course
Houma, Louisiana - 2011

Meet The Instructor

Patrick Theriot has been employed by the Houma Police Department for nine years and 7 of those years were assigned to motorcycle operations. 

"Prior to beginning my career in Law Enforcement I was a Nationally Registered Emergency Medical Technician and employed by Acadian Ambulance Service. In 2001 I joined the Houma Police Department and in 2003 I attained my certification of Police Motorcycle Operator through the Louisiana State Police.   In June of 2006 I obtained my certification as an Accident Reconstructionist through Northwestern University Center for Public Safety.  In 2008 I achieved my certification as a Police Motorcycle Instructor through Northwestern University Center for Public Safety/Harley Davidson.   In conjunction with Police Motorcycle training I have also been certified as an MSF (Motorcycle Safety Foundation) instructor and also a Rider’s Edge Instructor through Harley Davidson Motor Co. where I actively teach a class through Mike Bruno’s Bayou Country Harley Davidson in Houma. In all I have over 300 Hours of professional Motorcycle Training and experience to share with you."


Course Details

Sponsored by: Houma Police Department

Location: HPD, 500 Honduras St., Houma, LA
Price: The cost of this class is $795.00 per officer.

(If researched you will find that this class normally runs anywhere from $1400 to $1800.)

Class Dates:
  • September 30th, 2013 - October 11th, 2013
Class Times: Begins at 7:00 am
Register By: One week prior to start date

The Police Motocycle Operators course is designed to be an intensive two-week 80-hour course for the new or current motorcycle officer seeking to hone his or her skills. The riding exercises serve as the foundation for this course while stressing slow riding skills, hide speed braking and emergency/evasive maneuvers.

The strenuous training exercises in this course build upon previous exercises taught in the class. This creates a solid foundation of skills and helps to become more comfortable working from a police motorcycle. Thses skills will be tested in the second week of instruction. In addition, other riding exercises will be included to prepare the motor officer for the situations he or she will face in daily patrol. Also included in the class will be escorting procedures and tactical situations from a police motorcycle.

After successful completion of this cource, the officer will be certified through the Houma Police Department as a Motor Officer/Operator.

Course completion requirements:

  • Attendance is a must for each day unless for family emergencies or court subpoenas.
  • A passing score of 75% on the skills test.
  • A passing score of 75% on the written test.

Required Equipment:

  • Valid Driver's License with motorcycle endorsement
  • DOT or SNELL approved helmet
  • Sturdy over the ankle footwear
  • Full fingered gloves
  • Jacket for cold weather and for extra protection for high speed exercises if needed
  • Rain gear (we ride rain or shine - unless lightening threatens safety)
  • This is a professional course so professional casual attire is required, uniforms are not necessary.
  • Officers/Agencies are required to bring their own motorcycles.

The motorcycles used in the course typically do not sustain any damage. Protective measures will be taken to insure that costly damage does not occur.

(Anyone showing up without the above stated items will not be allowed to participate.)

To register, contact Training Officer PFC Timothy Lucas with Houma Police Department at (985) 872-4962 or download Registration Form

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