Neighborhood Watch
Neighborhood Watch is basically people watching for unusual activities in their neighborhood and reporting what they see to law enforcement. The Police can not fight crime alone. They need the eyes and ears of concerned citizens to alert them of problems or anything which could become a problem.

If you are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch Program and you live in the city limits of Houma, you can contact Sergeant Sidera Adams at (985) 873-5101 or email at Through Neighborhood Watch, McGruff the Crime Dog will be helping the Houma Police Department promote the following topics with videos:
McGruff on Dangerous Strangers
(age-Kindergarten-Primary) Mcgruff the Crime Dog and his nephew Scruff are concerned about the disappearance of a neighborhood child. This sparks a discussion about the definition of 'stranger' and prompts McGruff to review practical ways children can stay safe on the way to and from school.  The story ends happily when the missing child is found unharmed. The program shows children in various types of dangerous situations, such as being lured into a stranger's car, and tells young viewers how to respond. To avoid danger, McGruff advises children to walk in pairs, be aware of their surroundings, and stay out of alleys and other dangerous places.
McGruff and Drug-Free Kids
(age-Kindergarten-Intermediate) One of the most important choices youngsters can make is not to use drugs. McGruff explains that drugs are dangerous. They can make people sick, damage their bodies, and keep them from growing up healthy. Unfortunately, kids are under a lot of peer pressure to use drugs. McGruff shows older youngsters how to deal with this pressure and to respect themselves and their bodies. Three vignettes depict ways of saying "no" to drugs, and illustrate positive things kids can do with their free time.
McGruff on Law: Bicycles and Pedestrians
(age-Kindergarten-Intermediate) Bikes are a lot of fun to ride, but it's important to handle them safely and responsibly. McGruff explains why bicycle and pedestrian laws protect bicyclists and other people. Using examples from his files, McGruff illustrates safety points that children should always remember, whether they are on a bike or on foot. They should obey all traffic signs, ride at the proper speed, check intersections before crossing, and wear helmets.
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